No1 Nationwide Home Infrared Sauna Rental in UK

Rent an Infrared Sauna at Home for as little as £16.50 per week
Rent at Sauna at Home

Bringing home the benefits
of a far infrared Sauna

Most popular reasons for hiring Sauna:

Relieve pains:  - Drug Free Pain Relief

Weight Loss: - Reduce Cellulite and increases metabolic rate

Relax your body and mind: - Warms deep muscle tissues and relieves tension

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The space required for the Sauna Installation is 4ft wide by 3ft deep. 
Please allow 18inches clearance for the Sauna door to open.
Running Costs - approx. 8.5p per 30 minute session.

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Home Rental Package
Rent a Sauna Russ

Rent for as little as £16.50 per week

Sauna Rentals

12 Week Home Rental of the Infrared Sauna
(with an option to buy)
Free Delivery to your Home
Free Installation
Free Instruction Session
Free Training Manual

Purchase Price = £1200

Whether you wish to purchase or hire a Sauna please contact us to discuss all the available options


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